Thursday, June 30, 2011

task complete..

currently listening to Shoutul Harakah's song:Gelombang Keadilan

hmm..don't know how to describe my feeling right now..happy but at the same time quite sad.It's hard to believe that my task as a babysitter will complete less than 24 hours from,i've learned lot of things on how to "tarbiyah"the children in these era.Here..i've learned how to be calm and patient when facing with problems,respect the older and love the younger.. ;-)

sad..becoz i have to be separated with them,the children that i love so much.After this,maybe it is quite hard to see them oftenly.Once a week?once a month?..They gave me happiness and troubles!hehehe..but they still young,and their babysitter should teach them how to appreciate their lifes.aku dulu pun camtu la jugak..

My dear children..take care yourself as i can't always in front ur eyes all the time.Don't forget to study smart..listen to ur parents,don't make them difficult to tarbiyah all of you k.Moga Allah sentiasa satukan hati kita.Amen

Alhamdulillah..Allah permudahkan urusan aku.

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