Friday, November 18, 2011

Congratulation.. :-)

Alhamdulillah..after waiting quite long time,the result of UPSR's student was finally announced.I'm very glad to say that..CONGRATULATION!!!!  to my lovey dovey sister,Afifah Aqilah for her achievement.I'm proud of you dear :-) She really deserve for what she had done and i really hope that she can continue struggling for her next achievement.Don't ever give up  until you try your best.I'm still remember one of our motto in Saujana,NEVER SURRENDER BEFORE DIE!!huhu..By the way,best of luck in everything you do and always pray to Allah..:-) Jangan lupa ucap Terima Kasih kat ibu dan ayah ye.Mereka dah banyak berkorban untuk kejayaanmu.

adik yang sentiasa dirindui..Afifah Aqilah..

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